Goshen Inspection Service Sample Inspection Report

When you get an independent home inspection, what you are actually receiving is a report. The quality of the home inspection will be reflected in the report and each inspection company will provide a different report. When choosing an independent home inspector, be sure to view a sample of the report you will be receiving so you can compare and choose wisely.

Download a Sample Report

This report is just a sample and it not intended for use, reproduction, or distribution. This report is a PDF, which requires Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to view.

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Our Report

The Goshen Inspection Service Home Inspection report will include, but is not limited to the following areas:

Site Conditions
Report on the condition of walkways, driveways, steps and retaining walls. Check for proper grading and site drainage.
Examine all visible structural components including the foundation and/or stem walls, girders and joists, and rafters or trusses.
Identify and examine the type of roof; check the condition of flashing, ridges, valleys, chimney, and other penetrations, gutters, and downspouts. Check the attic for ventilation and insulation.
Examine the condition of any siding material, doors, and windows on the house and garage. Examine all porches and decks.
Open and check the main and sub panels for condition, capacity, wire size, and breaker/fuse compatibility. Check all outlets and lightning for operation and grounding.
Electrical Heating and Central Air Conditioning
Inspect all visible ducts, flues, exterior housings and mechanical connections. Operate systems using normal operating controls to check working condition.
Examine all interior plumbing, including water supply and drain/waste plumbing; check the water pressure and water heater for safety and operation.
Check the operation of any fixed appliances.
Check for insulation where possible.